One Year Warranty:

At PEDAL Electric, we provide the original owner with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty provides each original retail purchaser of a PEDAL Electric motorbike with a warranty solely against manufacturer's defects. The warranty claim is directed towards the original purchase and is covered by the manufacturer.

Not Covered by Warranty:

Wear and tear is not covered under warranty for components. Nor does it include normal wear and tear parts being brake pads, brakes, kickstands, tires, tubes, chain, spokes, rims, grips, etc.  Add-ons are not covered under our warranty.


PEDAL’s Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries are warranted for a one (1) year period from the date of original purchase. The battery warranty does not include damage from improper maintenance, user-error, power surges, water damage or any wrong charging usage.

If a battery replacement is needed under our one (1) year warranty terms, we will ask for a $450-dollar deposit to guarantee the original battery will be returned to the PEDAL warehouse. You will receive the deposit once we receive the return.

How to make a claim?

PEDAL Electric is an online motorbike brand, meaning we will need submissions of photos and videos of the damaged parts. More time than most, the damages are minor and simple to repair with the right guidance. Our team will do our best to tackle the issue at hand as soon as possible. PEDAL will not replace any parts without seeing photo or video content of the claimed damages.

Terms of Warranty:

This warranty is strictly applying to the original owner of a PEDAL Electric motorbike. This warranty does not cover any damages or defects from failure to follow instructions in the owner’s manual, accident, misuse, abuse, alterations, improper assembly, wear and tear, water damage, off-road / stunt riding and improper quarterly maintenance.

This warranty does not include normal wear and tear parts (Tires, tubes, brakes, brake pads, rotors, cables, spokes, rims, chain, grips, etc). As mentioned, PEDAL Electric will not be liable for any damage or failure caused by any unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts. Manufacturing defects, including shipping damages must be reported to PEDAL Electric during the first 7 days after receiving your product.

PEDAL Electrics bicycle components that arrive damaged which are covered include: forks, stem, handlebars, headset, seat post, saddle, brakes, lights, bottom bracket, pedals, rims, wheel hub, shifter, throttle, controller, LCD display, and wiring harness,etc.

Please be advised that the warranty provided with our product is contingent upon its original, unaltered state and the use of authorized components. Any modifications, alterations, or the incorporation of third-party components not explicitly approved will result in the automatic voiding of the warranty. We strongly recommend adhering to the product's original specifications to ensure continued warranty coverage and optimal performance.



Inspect your PEDAL Electric shipment immediately for any damage. Inspect your bike before the delivery driver leaves. Do not sign-off on the shipment unless you are certain no damage has occurred. This will help the customer with shipping damage claims and create a more efficient resolution. Take photos or videos of any sited damage. All damages reported must be submitted within 7 days of delivery to PEDAL Electric customer service representatives. Contact CS@Pedalelectric.com for return or replacement instructions.

All disassembly and shipping costs necessary under warranty will be the sole responsibility of the owner. This warranty is only valid for the original and first buyer. Any other treatment, such as compensation or loss of use, is excluded. The warranty period cannot be extended through an additional warranty.

To submit a warranty or damage claim, please visit this link here and fill out our technical support form.