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Le Great Outdoor x Pedal Electric

Le Great Outdoor x Pedal Electric

A Joyride with Le Great Outdoor : Sustainability on Two Wheels

At Pedal Electric, we believe in creating experiences that not only bring joy but also promote sustainable practices. Our recent joyride with the founders of Le Great Outdoor, Chef Rudy and Pedro, was a perfect example of this philosophy in action.

Rudy and Pedro, like us, are passionate about enjoying the outdoors and keeping things simple. Their commitment to sustainability and their love for adventure make them the ideal partners for this special ride.

The Joyride: Pedal Power and Fresh Produce

We kicked off our joyride by meeting up with Rudy and Pedro in the vibrant heart of town. The plan was simple yet exciting: cruise around town on our premium electric bikes, pick up local groceries directly from the farmers market, and load them up on our bikes to take back to Le Great Outdoor. This ride wasn't just about fun; it was about showcasing how easy and enjoyable sustainable living can be.

The farmers market was bustling with activity, offering an array of fresh, local produce. As we navigated through the stalls, we filled our bike baskets with crisp vegetables, juicy fruits, and other local delicacies. Our electric bikes made it effortless to carry our haul, proving that you don't need a car to do your grocery shopping.


AWD [ S ] $5,260.00$4,809.00 All Wheel Drive [ S ]
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CORE 2.0
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Light, fast and durable this model is built for any adventure. Rooted in our signature design, this premium craft comes equipped with all riders necessities.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Both Pedal Electric and Le Great Outdoor are driven by a commitment to sustainability. Our electric bikes are designed to reduce carbon footprints and promote eco-friendly transportation. Rudy and Pedro's philosophy aligns perfectly with ours, as they believe in minimizing environmental impact and enjoying the beauty of nature.

In a recent video, Rudy emphasized,

"All our inspiration comes from national parks and being in the wild." 

This sentiment resonates deeply with us at Pedal Electric.


Discover Le Great Outdoor in Santa Monica

After our grocery run, we rode to Le Great Outdoor's location in Santa Monica. This restaurant, known for its commitment to sustainable practices, offers a unique dining experience with dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Whether you're craving a hearty breakfast, a refreshing smoothie, or a delicious lunch, Le Great Outdoor provides a menu that reflects their philosophy of simple, healthy, and eco-friendly living.

Pedro shared in the video,

"Seeing the community support and eat our food has been an incredible experience"

We couldn't agree more. For more about Le Great Outdoor and their delicious offerings, visit their website.

Join Us on Our Next Adventure

Our joyride with Rudy and Pedro was a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values. It showed us that sustainable living can be fun, fulfilling, and accessible. We invite you to join us on our next adventure, whether it's a leisurely ride around town or a mission to support local farmers.

Stay tuned for more exciting journeys and remember, with Pedal Electric, every ride is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.