All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ]
1200 Wh
Up to 80
Mile Range
20/28/36 MPH
Class 2 / Class 3 / Sport Mode
Superior performance for any occasion.

Structure & Design

We have a passion for finding the simplicity in designs that have everything you want from functionality to aesthetic and more - cue the AWD[ S ]. Explore the AWD[ S ]'s significant upgrades focusing on torque, suspension, security/ safety, and convenience all while uplifting the design we love.

Adjustable Piggyback Rear Shocks

Smoother, more comfortable ride and increase suspension travel let the rider adjust compression and rebound damping for more precise performance and to suit individual. Riding preferences and road conditions.

Dynamic Front Fork System

Featuring an adjustable air compression fork mechanism that brings a new level of customization and performance. Enabling precise control over the responsiveness, providing a smooth and comfortable ride over bumps, jumps and rough terrain. With its adjustable settings, riders can effortlessly modify the suspensions stiffness and travel to optimize performance for different riding disciplines.

Premium Battery UpgradeHigh-Capacity [25AH 48V -1200Wh]

Extended Performance: This larger battery pack offers a substantial boost in energy storage, providing extended range and prolonged usage time. Its enhanced capacity not only allows the extra miles but optimizes power utilization and reduced recharge cycles.

9 Speed Drivetrain & Clutch Derailleur

Designed with the rider in mind, the ADVENT rear derailleur packs trail ready features into an attainable wide range drivetrain. The kinematics are precisely tuned to use a more direct cable path, making shifting feel consistent across the lowest and highest gears and everything in between. The clutch features a modular design that is also easily adjustable and fully repairable.

Enhanced Illumination: 1200 Lumen

Featuring a front halo headlight allowing both dim and bright settings. Integrated taillight with brake light and turn signal brightener

All-Terrain Hybrid Tires

Revamped multi-purpose hybrid tires for enhanced performance on various terrains. These upgraded tires blend cutting edge technology with innovative design, resulting in superior traction, durability, and adaptability. Their enhanced tread pattern ensures exceptional grip on both rugged off-road surfaces and smooth pavement, offering a seamless transition between different terrains.


Sessions, trails and
everywhere in between.

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The AWD [ S ] is the next chapter in our story for the conscious commuter. Systematically better for the environment and a sustainable means of transportation. The AWD [ S ] gets you where you need to be and faster than ever before. Join our community of thousands of customers and get the most out of your ride with a smoother, more efficient, and elegant way to move. Welcome to our community.
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