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Pedal Electric E-Bike Tune-Up

Pedal Electric E-Bike Tune-Up

E-bike Tuneups

Electric Bikes, like Cars and regular bicycles, need to be tuned up after certain periods of use in order to maintain the integrity of the vehicle and to ensure your bike runs well for as long as possible. In this post, I will be discussing the three main times a tune up may be necessary.  


[ Mail Order Bike Initial Tuneup ]

As many of us have come to know in the age of Amazon with the expectations of quick shipments that arrive directly to your door, shippers are often careless with the packages we are receiving. While we at Pedal Electric do our best to get you your orders as quickly and safely as possible, some shipments are mishandled and work may have to be done to fix those issues. 

In order to assist with this we have partnered with beeline connect which allows you to ship your bike to a Pedal Electric registered service center to have your bike assembled and tuned-up for your maiden voyage! We highly recommend this added service if electric bike maintenance is something you do not have knowledge of. 

In this initial tune-up the e-bike professional or you will often have to;

° Assemble the bike properly and carefully.

° Adjust the derailleur for easy gear shifting.

° Adjust the hydraulic brakes for safe and efficient braking.

° Tighten any parts that may have been loosened from transit. 

° Do a full safety check. 


[ First 100 Miles Tuneup ]

After your first 100 miles you will have a much better understanding of the functionality and feel of your e-bike! In order to maintain this smooth and reliable feel you will want to start doing regular maintenance to ensure you keep this quality and feel. This maintenance not only keeps your e-bike in good condition but allows you to start building knowledge on how your bike works and how to fix minor issues. Most things included here can be done with little knowledge and with maintenance gear that can be found on our site or amazon! 

In this first 100 miles you should;

° Clean your bike with a microfiber cloth and e-bike cleaning fluid. 

° Grease your chain to help with easy shifting and to prevent rust. Make sure to use enough (but not too much) and to pedal and shift gears to evenly distribute. (We recommend “Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant”)

° Clean brake pads/rotors with rotor, pad cleaner. (We recommend “Squeal Out”) 

° Check tire pressure and if needed, fill to correct PSI listed in your Pedal Electric bike’s build manual. 

° Feel for tension of hydraulic brake handles. If it feels loose and is needed, top off with mineral oil. (We recommend “Finish line High Performance Mineral Oil Brake Fluid”)


[ Standard 500 Mile Tune-up ]

So you’ve hit 500 miles and your e-bike has been put to good use! Now I know it may be hard to give up for a few days, but for your safety and the integrity of your bike it's time to do some proper maintenance. The 500 mile tune-up is integral to keep your e-bike running for as long and as well as possible. A standard 500 mile tune-up can range in cost from anywhere between $100-$300 depending on parts needed and the shop's discretion/time. How often, and where your e-bike is being used can affect this as well. 

In a standard 500 mile tune-up a professional will often;

° Install new brake pads, and sometimes rotors. 

° Do a full brake bleed of both left and right hydraulic brakes.

° Retighten all components. 

° Grease the chain.

° Adjust derailleur.

° Clean interior parts like motor cables, derailleur, controllers ect. 

° Full safety check of mechanical and electrical components of the bike.  



[ Scenarios that may Necessitate a Tune-up ]

There are times where you may not have hit a certain mile marker, but due to use, misuse or lack of use a tune up may be necessary. 

If your e-bike has been sitting unused for a long period of time your e-bike will likely need a tune-up by you or a professional. E-bikes for much of the world can be very seasonal, if your bike has been sitting for months on end in your cold garage for the winter months it is a smart move to have it inspected and tuned-up. Like a car, an e-bike that does not run often will start to lose integrity and should be worked on before being circulated back into heavy use. 

If you take your bike to outdoor locations that will take a toll and affect your e-bike, when you return it is wise to have an e-bike technician do a safety check and full tuneup. Places like the American southwest with very fine dust particles or regions with heavy rainfall and wetness that may permeate to the interior of the bike. All Pedal Electric bikes are IP67 rated for dust and water, but maintenance after these scenarios will be worthwhile to keep your bike in mint condition for as long as possible. 

If you are on the Pedal Electric team we always recommend you to come to one of our locations for the best possible service! 

You can find our map of service centers using this link