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Where Can You Ride an Electric Bike?

Where Can You Ride an Electric Bike?

Where Can You Ride an Electric Bike?

For those of us with a never ending to-do list and countless errands and meetings, we are always zipping around on our e-bikes from one place to the next. When we are offline and not working/hustling, our favorite is cruising by the beach, nothing tops that really. However, wondering where you can ride an electric bike is totally normal, it’s a lot more safety to consider with the motor and speed, (don’t worry we got you covered). The possibilities of where to ride are endless, take PEDAL out of town to the woods on your next camping trip or downtown under the beautiful city skyline. Make your ride feel limitlessly free in any place you choose to go. Read our full rundown for where and when and how to make riding anywhere second nature, you got this. 


What are the Rules Surrounding Electric Bikes

If you’re anything like us, you want to go at maximum speed at all times (we don’t blame you) and although every part of us wants to say “full send!” There's a few housekeeping things we probably should let you know about. The basic ground rules (in the state of California) are pretty straightforward. Your e-bike can’t exceed 750W and go over 28mph, you also need to be at least 16 years or older to ride. Additionally under CA law, e-bikes should be ridden as far to the right as possible. Technically they are not allowed on dedicated bike paths unless it’s posted for motorized bicycles. So as long as you got these on lock, full speed ahead for all your ebike use.

Best places to ride electric bikes

E-bikes go hand in hand with exploring, chasing sunsets and discovering new places. Our recommendation? Do it all! But start with some national parks and paved trails. Less traffic and more trees, yes please. Anywhere that’s going to get you away from red lights and stop and go will be best for learning and really just enjoying all that the bike can do for you. If you’re constantly breaking you won’t feel the flow! So pull up to your favorite beach, desert, forest or all of the above (the beauty of California). 



Things to Know Before You Ride

You’re powered up, with your friends and ready to cruise. Double checking is a good measure for any adventure/activity and here’s our go to when it comes to e-bikes vs. traditional bikes. Obviously make sure your battery is charged and you have enough range to get to where you’re headed. Helmet check? (to each their own, just be safe!) Make sure you’re comfortable getting on and off your bike, double check your navigation so you know where you’re headed. And ultimately just pay attention, keep your head up and have fun! 


Wherever you’re going and whoever you’re with, it’s always a good time when you’re speeding along with pure electric power… recipe for some big smiles. Enjoy your ride and hit us up next time!