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Benefits of E-Bikes

Benefits of E-Bikes

Benefits of E-Bikes

Electric bikes are a modern product to enhance the way we move through sleek design and high performance. With many models to choose from, there are countless benefits of using an electric bike. Determining how you will use your bike is the most important thing to consider before purchasing. Electric bike riders love the ability to travel longer distances in a shorter period of time than a regular bike and an electric bike is a great eco-friendly alternative to driving a car. Whether you want to use an e-bike for errands around your neighborhood, commuting, weekend adventures or all of the above, here are some of the top benefits that will convince you to purchase that electric bicycle you’ve been eyeing. 

1. Pace

The number one reason people are usually interested in getting an e-bike? Speed! Sure, you won't go as fast as a car, but you will definitely be bypassing any rush hour traffic via alternate routes on pedal assist mode. Get where you’re going faster and more efficiently. Plus you’ll cruise the streets faster than a regular bike thanks to that amazing electric motor.

2. Enjoyable Commute

Hopping on an electric bike to commute to work will make it less stressful to wake up and get moving, no need to worry about missing that morning meeting now! Better yet, you'll get routine, regular exercise and fresh air each morning before the clock strikes 9 am!

3. Easy to Ride Up Hills 

You either hate them or …loathe them! (lol) Unless you’re in full training mode (which we respect) But more often than not, if you're on a bike ride and you see a hill, you’re gonna be jumping off to walk that puppy up. With an e-bike, you won’t be stopped. Use pedal assist to explore new routes and ride smoothly. The great advantage of an e-bike is that you can still get moderate exercise through bike riding, but you can avoid the intensity of hills.

4. No Limits

Typically you may have to consider your energy/fitness level when considering how far and where you can go; however, with an e-bike you can go further distances for longer and not have to rely on the limitations of your body. Explore urban areas or new places outside the city, different roads and experience the excitement of going somewhere new faster with no limits.

5. Exercise

Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour before, during or after work, you can quickly hop on your e-bike for a fast and efficient workout with or without pedal assist, depending on your desired intensity and how much you want to sweat! With an e-bike you’re always in control, reach your limit? Turn the motor back on and cruise back home or to the office.

6. Social

We’ve all been there, you’re running late to meet up with friends and then you can’t find parking…so 10 minutes turns into 30 minutes late and everyone is ready to roast you once you arrive. Riding an e-bike makes meeting up with friends super easy, stress free and fun.

7. Presence and Mindfulness

As much as we live in a car dominated society, one thing we miss being boxed in our cars is noticing small subtle moments and details throughout our day. Our commute becomes a time where we find a new restaurant we want to try, connect with a local business owner and see a poster for a local art/music festival. Riding an e-bike doesn’t compromise speed, but gives us the gift of finding moments to be more aware of what's going on around us, which over time can truly enrich our quality of life.


It’s no mystery that the electric bike benefits are plentiful and e-bikes can massively improve our day to day lives. Not to mention they’re easy to incorporate into your routine and lifestyle. They make our lives seamless, more integrated and hopefully filled with more ease and less stress. When 24 hours doesn't feel like enough time for one day, any chance to utilize tools and systems that give us back our time and energy is a big YES (at least for us).

Let's be honest - modern life (and all of its responsibilities)- can be exhausting. It can leave you burnt out, drained and overwhelmed with endless to-do lists. We sometimes take on more than we can handle and forget to prioritize ourselves. We aren’t saying an e-bike is like your fairy Godmother ( pretty close though), but e-bikes do inherently help us navigate our workload and create a better balance in our life. Time is our greatest asset, and integrating an e-bike into your day to day life will save you 30 minutes, an hour, a few hours -- Better hop on so you can enjoy that time living, recharging and cruising.