We wouldn’t be where we are today without community. We believe real change starts with the conversations we have, the choices we make and the company we keep. Which is why we are humbled and honored to announce a new evolving partnership with SeaTrees. Like us, they do things differently, with intention. They are committed to analyzing brands’ emissions  to provide metrics that help shed light on how we can counter manufacturing to ultimately leave the planet better than we found it. In working with them, we are finding invaluable answers and also more questions on how we can be better. We see it as an opportunity to grow for ourselves and the planet. 

With that said, we are proud to announce that we are the first e-bike company to go climate positive and ocean positive. We see this as an exciting landmark for the direction we’re pushing to become more and more sustainable everyday. This partnership will continue to help us do our part in countering our carbon emissions. 

"The first e-bike company to
go [climate positive] and
[ocean positive]."

SeaTrees, by non-profit Sustainable Surf, makes it easy for anyone who cares about the ocean (don’t we all) to directly support communities planting and protecting blue carbon coastal ecosystems. The most effective way to suck carbon out of the atmosphere. As an ocean-focused taking direct action on climate change, they work with communities and brands around the world to plant and protect ‘blue carbon’ coastal ecosystems - mangrove and kelp forests, coral reefs, and ridge-to-reef watersheds. 

The ocean is our backyard, definitely a place we call home, so we are proud to stay committed to a mission of reversing climate change by regenerating the ocean’s ecosystems. We continue to be inspired with how they evaluate brands methodically by assessing and verifying the sustainability performance of brands, products and events to provide insights and solutions. Everyday we are finding out more ways we can wipe out our manufacturing emissions through their SeaTree Tokens. 

 The SeaTrees Tokens are all about going beyond a typical offset. Every SeaTrees Token:

  1. Sequesters CO2 through VCS/CCBA certified (double certified) carbon credits sourced from the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project, Cambodia.
  2. Plants 4x mangrove trees planted in Indonesia which has the potential to sequester an additional 1.2 metric tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the trees (25 years)
  3. Restores 1 sq ft of kelp in Palos Verdes, California

They elect “carbon/ocean” positive through three specific steps that involve calculating the carbon footprint, providing actionable steps to neutralize the carbon footprint and then ways to work with them to become carbon positive. We’re learning so much and to us that’s inspiring because we get to find new ways to improve our approach to sustainability. Take a look below to get some insight into their process of vetting a brand to be Ocean Positive. 

There are three steps to becoming OceanPositive:

  1. SeaTrees evaluates a brand’s sustainability performance, including verifying and providing carbon footprint calculation services, if needed. This includes calculations of business operations emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) and a lifecycle carbon footprint analysis (Scope 3).
  2. The brand wipes out its carbon footprint by purchasing SeaTrees Tokens.
  3. The brand takes immediate action to communicate their impact, improve the way they operate, and continue to reduce their carbon footprint to positively impact the environment.

Check out how Sea Trees determined our carbon footprint below to see just how beneficial our e-bikes are for the planet. 

Steps to Calculating Pedal Electric’s carbon footprint:

  1. Gather electric bike product data. This includes the respective weights, raw materials used, and manufacturing countries for each component in an electric bike. 
  2. Gather the total number of e-bikes sold in 2020 and 2021.
  3. Measure and analyze the environmental impacts of each electric bike component using carbon footprint modeling software.
  4. Calculate the total emissions associated with the production of all Pedal Electric’s e-bikes sold in 2020 and 2021.
  5. Gather inbound and customer shipment data. This includes the average weight of each shipment and the method of transportation used.
  6. Calculate the total emissions associated with all inbound and customer shipments in 2020 and 2021.
  7. Gather Pedal Electric’s corporate data. This includes electricity and natural gas usage, and employee flight and commute data.
  8. Calculate the total emissions associated with Pedal Electric’s corporate sectors in 2020 and 2021.
Pedal Electric's Carbon Footprint

In the clearest sense, this is our path of transparency, honesty and commitment to being better not just for ourselves, but for our planet. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We are choosing to move with intention with those who hold the same vision. 

It was always obvious to us that we needed to foster relationships with other brands and organizations who were as deeply committed to sustainable change and action as we are. Because the truth is, we don’t have all the answers…yet. Like most things, when we are able to have support and accountability, we are able to move and grow in ways we wouldn’t be able to on our own. Part of our choice and commitment to transparency in our production process is to advocate for honesty in not only our industry, but across the board. We’re all together in this continued evolving dialogue of living sustainably and fighting climate change. It’s like that saying, it’s a marathon not a sprint. We don’t want to be right, we don’t want to tell you what to do…we’d rather slow down and see humanity in the collective intention for impactful change. We’d like to paint an honest and true picture of what emissions manufacturing produces and how we are hoping to evolve. Because ultimately, when we can look at where we can improve, together, we create more space to dream and find solutions. 

We’re here open and inspired, advocating for a way we can be better for the EV market and beyond. It’s not about us vs. them, we see it as a shared vision of how we can all improve and do better by Mother Earth. While today we still are refining models to be more sustainable in every aspect of our business, we are excited to push and partner with leaders and organizations that can facilitate our vision beyond what we could ever anticipate. Because this is ultimately the only way forward in our eyes, humbly and together. 

We are so grateful to be partnering with an organization that is paving the way for how we can reimagine building businesses while protecting our oceans, through calculated and intentional attention to the numerics of how we produce, how we take and how we give back. This partnership is a huge milestone and testament to a vision we’re holding strong to. We are happy to continue to be paving our path to counter carbon emissions and seek new alternatives for manufacturing, we’re just getting started!