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Electric Bike vs. Regular Bike

Electric Bike vs. Regular Bike

So you made the move, you’re team electric or maybe you’re thinking about it! You might be wondering what you need to do/know with an electric bike vs. a regular bike. Even though it may seem like a lot to consider with a battery and motor joining and powering your rides, it’s really actually pretty simple, we promise. We’re gonna give you the overview of what you need to be aware of so you can focus on cruising (aka the best part). 

E-bike vs. Regular bike

 So of course an electric bike has the same set up and function as a regular bike, you have handle bars, wheels, pedals…seems pretty straightforward. If you’ve ridden a bike before, you’ll pick this up quickly. Perhaps a bit obvious, but the biggest difference is the power of the electric motor, your legs can rest a bit and you get to speed around with more ease and efficiency. Mechanical differences aside, electric bike vs. normal bike isn’t that crazy of a leap, if you’ve taken a break from riding and want to get back into it, you’ll have fun riding and having the extra power with electric. 

The handlebars are another feature that may look a bit updated and different from normal bicycles. Most if not all will come equipped with a sleek lcd screen that will show you your speed, odometer, trips and battery level. You can also control your speed on most bikes with pedal assist for super easy riding. The Lithium battery is removable and can take you 20-30 miles depending on the battery.. Just don’t forget to charge it! The Motor is also a completely different world from normal bikes, 750Watt is pretty standard and will take uphill and pretty far depending on how you ride and if you're pedaling. Keep this in mind before you start your ride! You can always manually pedal of course, but you also have to remember when it comes to the weight of an electric bike vs. regular bike, it can be at least double…so safe to say your legs are going to be burning, but hey maybe that’s the workout you want! 

All in all the functionality and overall appearance isn’t anything dramatically different, the motor and battery seamlessly function in the same manner as manual pedaling. 

The mechanical aspects you do need to consider are accessible and easy to understand, and if you’re confused..reach out to us! Routine maintenance and repairs is pretty much the same as what you would do on any bike. However the main difference between an electric bicycle and a normal bicycle repair would be if something goes wrong with the motorized components. At that point you’d need to get in touch with an electric bike specialist, but rest assured you’ll most likely be under warranty that will cover those repairs. 

So e-bike vs. regular bike may seem like a big leap in theory, but in reality it’s smooth sailing, or riding rather. As long as you’re being mindful and taking steps to understand how your e-bike functions and how to take care of it, you’re golden. As always, keep an eye out for our educational posts to further educate yourself on e-bikes and also feel free to reach out with questions and we will be stoked to offer some support/guidance or point you in the direction of some awesome resources. Welcome to the family, happy riding!