Electric Bike vs Car

Electric Bike vs Car

Electric Bike vs Car: Pros and Cons

Electric is taking the world by storm, and we are here for it. We couldn’t be more inspired and stoked to see more and more car manufacturers releasing all electric models. Sleek designs, efficient sustainable power, what’s not to love? We are of course always going to back up implementing any sustainable action plan. However, we will also always provide some key insights and takeaways for how to make the best informed choices for your life, your usage and of course the planet (we love her). Because ultimately, we are all using and powering our lives in different ways, so the best option for us may look a little but different than the best option for you, but we also love that. It’s not supposed to look the same across the board, everyone doing the exact same thing, that would be boring. When we grow in sustainable action, choices and priorities, we all grow and become more informed at a collective level, and we always want to prioritize that. So let’s dive in, electric bike (team pedal) vs. car!  


Of course an electric bike’s motor isn’t going to ever get you to highway speeds of 60mph yet… that’s insane (but we aren’t against it). So right off the back it's safe to say this isn’t an even comparison, an electric car obviously has more speed, more space and the overall differences between a bike and a car. But when it comes to quick navigation and getting across town swiftly, a bike will always be superior to public transportation and avoiding any and all traffic jams. 

Stop and go becomes a thing of the past as you fly through intersections with ease and swiftness in the bike lane, removed from the craziness of commuting traffic. You won’t have to deal with other annoyances like parking anymore, just safely lock up close to your destination and you’re set. But with that all said, an electric bike can’t take you out on the town for the night (I mean it could, it would be an adventure) and it certainly can’t take you on a road trip with your friends (who’s down??). But the swift speed for day to day city riding can make your days a lot faster and seamless when you can pivot away from being stuck in traffic, that’s a win in our book. 


Right now, we are all feeling the pain of rising gas prices. It’s insane, we know. So of course there are still expenses for an electric vehicle whether you’re taking it to get charged somewhere or you’re smart and fancy and have a charge station at home, you’re still paying money for that electricity. The average cost is $0.07 to $0.10 per mile to fuel a gas car, whereas the average cost for an EV is $0.04 per mile. Now from the jaw dropping reality….for an electric