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Electric Bike Range: How Far Can They Go?

Electric Bike Range: How Far Can They Go?

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly more popular and have become one of the trendiest (and easiest) forms of transportation. A huge appeal of an electric bike is being able to get from place to place faster and with much less work than a traditional bike. Think - no more sweating to death climbing that steep hill! Not only that, but ebikes are a fun, eco-conscious way to commute. If you're considering purchasing an e bike, you're probably curious about the battery capacity and maximum range. Your electric bike range will depend on many factors including the specific type of bike, rider weight, the type of terrain you're riding on, whether you're supporting the battery life with pedal assist, and how you ride the bike. Read along, and tag along for our insight into best practices for optimizing your ebike's maximum range. 

The range of an electric bicycle essentially refers to the distance you ride in one battery charge. On average, most ebikes will take you somewhere between 20-100 miles. The exact range will always depend on a range of factors that are important to pay attention to and consider if you want to get the most out of your charge (the planet will say thank you). Conscious riding equals a conscious lifestyle. 

Factors that Impact E-Bike Range

  • Total weight of the load, including the rider and gear
  • Your average riding speed
  • Your riding position
  • The bike's tire pressure and tire type
  • Terrain and hill grade
  • Wind conditions
  • Road quality and bumps
  • The outside temperature
  • Your pedal capability and fitness
  • Type of battery 
  • Battery size
  • Age of the battery

Now that you know the factors that impact how long a single battery charge will last, there are some adjustments you can make to maximize the battery life of your bike. Such adjustments include utilizing pedal assist, avoiding rough terrain where possible and choosing the correct gear while riding.


How to Maximize the Range of Electric Bikes

Follow these steps and suggestions to hit your mile mark easily and safely without having to make significant changes or customizations: 

Go easy on the throttle 

Maybe this seems like a no-brainer, but hey we’ve all been there…new toy, and you want to crank the throttle and go as fast as you can/ Not only is that not sustainable for riding, it’s going to drain your bike’s battery and ultimately significantly reduce your range. The throttle uses significantly more battery, so just be mindful. Ease into it, slowly accelerate and you’ll help the longevity of your battery’s charge. 

Pedal while you accelerate

While easing off the throttle, you will naturally start pedaling more. (It is a bike after all!) Utilizing pedal assist will conserve your battery and is the best for optimizing an efficient electric bike range. This pays off as huge energy savings in the long run!

Pump your tires

Tires impact more than just the comfort and feel of your ride. Having the correct tire pressure can make your ride go farther with more ease. Having the correct tire pressure means your e-bike battery won’t use as much energy to accelerate as with flat tires. Filled tires add distance to your range that can easily be achieved by taking time to pump your tires, which could result in a few extra miles! 

Coast and avoid rough terrain where possible

Not that you need someone to tell you how to cruise, coasting (i.e. cruising without pedaling or the throttle) will have a dramatic impact on your ebike range! The best time to coast to conserve your ebike battery: when you approach a stop, on a smooth path, out of a steep incline, and obviously when there is a prime view! Let off the throttle and let gravity move you. By being conservative in your speed and slowing down, you will naturally decrease the energy being used. No need to go high speed your entire ride, slow it down and enjoy an increased ebike range.

Ride in the correct gear

Whether you’re comfortable with riding in different gears or not, riding in the wrong gear will put a huge strain on your battery over time. As you figure out how you ride, you’ll get more accustomed to shifting gears on your ebike correctly to conserve your battery and increase your range. Riding on flat streets can be great for low-power assistance, whereas on a steep hill you can lower the gear and power to get the ideal speed and efficiency. For conserving your battery, shift to a low gear before stopping so that way when you start pedaling for your next ride you won't be using unnecessary battery assistance to propel you. This technique will massively extend the range of your electric bike. Switch it up, keep pedaling, and adjust frequently for efficient rides. 

Pedal Electric’s e-bike range

Pedal Electric has two different bike models that both offer excellent battery power. The Core and The AWD III offer longer ranges than your average bike while allowing you to maintain a strong speed. The Core will take you anywhere between 30-50 miles, and the AWD III brings you to 40-75 miles. Now of course this will be impacted by the above-listed factors as well as how you ride and how you take care of your bike. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your battery and your bike there is a lot to factor in. Our advice? Start by focusing on a few factors and then slowly incorporate more and more to see how it impacts the riding range of your ebike over time. Getting the most out of your bike is a journey and we want to have rides that take us farther while also continuing to support the planet and do everything in our lane to combat global climate change. It starts with small actions and daily habits, which is why we are excited to continue to discover what powers us by pedaling and cultivating a riding style that will take us all to new distances. Let us know where you go and what methods work best to extend your ebike range!