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5 Local Businesses Committed To Sustainability

5 Local Businesses Committed To Sustainability

In the efforts of sustainability, we believe in the continued effort of community impact and support. We find inspiration in the ways we see fellow local businesses meeting sustainability in new and inventive ways that offer dynamic ideation into what and how we can all move together for mother earth. Venice is home, it’s a rich community of creatives, activists, dreamers, free thinkers…the ones who roam a bit farther and push the edge on what’s possible..(aka all the people we keep in our corner) Here's a small (but mighty) roundup of some of our neighbors and the green approaches they are taking in business and beyond. 

  1. Eco Gardens

First up, Eco Gardens on Brooks Ave in Venice. A project under Selva International, this local landscaping company offers a range of services such as lawn removal, rain gardens, and sustainable landscaping. They evaluate the client's yards with a step by step intentional process of sourcing native plants to ensure less water usage. Their services bring people’s homes and yards back to a natural symbiotic ecosystem that can even invite butterflies, birds and other important animals. Their drought friendly gardens are sustainable and they even built out systems for capturing rain water to put back into the yard. We’re about to go get some succulents and have them do the rest! We love seeing new ways of working with resources, the land and each other. 

  1. Industry of all Nations 

Located on Abbot Kinney, the LA based sustainable clothing brand is disrupting how and why we shop. Their intentional approach to both material and process is an incredible opportunity to educate and learn about the pieces we purchase and love. Their conscious commitment to local materials really shifts how we buy and the overall effect it has.  

  1. Organic To  Green Spa

An all certified vegan and organic spa…we didn’t know that was a thing. They are also a member of 1% for the planet with treatments that are organic with ingredients and sourcing that keep sustainability at front of mind for both the planet and our body’s overall wellness. With two locations in Santa Monica and in our backyard near Abbott Kinney in Venice, there is a tremendous amount of green relaxation and ease to experience with soothing natural remedies at Organic to Green. 

  1. Amour Vert

Fashion label Amour Vert is a universe of ever expanding processes and approaches  dedicated to fostering sustainability. Since 2010 they’ve been pioneering new fabrics and business practices. They keep environmental impact continually evolving and ever intertwined with their brand. Find your perfect summer dress with them! 

  1. Plant, Food & Wine

An elegant Venice staple, Plant, Food and Wine offers an exquisite experience committed to health conscious vegan food. Supporting local farmers, they take an approach to food and dining that slows us down and remember to be mindful of everything we consume. They were awarded the  Sustainable Restaurant Award by the Sustainable Business Council of LA, being recognized for their eco-friendly measures which include, environmentally friendly chemicals for kitchen and cleaning, using compostable and recyclable carryout containers, bio-dynamic, organic, sustainable practices for wines, energy-efficient dishwasher and appliances among many others. We look to them with gratitude and inspiration, and for quality food to enjoy. 

When we are carving out sustainable action and spaces together, rooted in community action and initiatives, we are more likely to do our best work, put our best foot forward so to speak. Accountability can be a great force that keeps us focused and connect to our “why.” Ultimately, that’s why we love our neighbors and the other small local businesses that are championing the mission of  a sustainable future. We’re on the ride together!