10 Best Things To Do With A PEDAL Electric

10 Best Things To Do With A PEDAL Electric

At Pedal we are about pushing forward, getting to that place of bliss, of unstoppable inertia, of endless possibility. When we think about riding, we think about freedom, enriched experiences, and exploration. We champion for the road less traveled, continuing to seek out and push ourselves to the limit of how we can move and where we can go. When we ride, it’s never so much of a race or competition, we prefer to prioritize the experience of getting to the destination more than getting there faster (although we’re about that too). So where are we headed? Today is gonna look a lot different than tomorrow, we can tell you that much. We don’t discriminate when it comes to when and where to take our bikes, everywhere and anywhere is the motto. We’re talking all the things we want to do, love to do and have to do with our line of bikes. Tag along, try to keep up,..it’s a full send forward! Let’s go!

  1. Local Errands

    We’ve all been there, you finished working, you're making dinner and you’re out of said ingredient. You don’t want to drive because you just drove in rush hour traffic  (understandable). Hopping on your pedal electric bike just has a much more easy, efficient and fun appeal. Go pick up what you need from your local bodega in style, drop off mail, go to the pharmacy, anything and everything that will keep you out of the car…(you can thank us later )

  2. Beach Cruise
    Sure we admit, this might be an obvious choice, but why throw it out of the running of our top experiences? If you didn’t gather by this point, we love the beach, when we aren’t working, we’re catching up at the beach, surfing or wishing we could. So for those of us who are more land than sea, a beach ride on the sand where waves meet shore is the next best thing to cruising waves (though we can’t claim it’s better than hanging 10!) For any and all e-bike off roading, best to grab our All Wheel Drive 3 model if this sounds like your style.

  3. Meet Up with Friends 
    We love kicking it with our friends, unwinding and sharing nice experiences together.  And trust us, when we pull up on our bike nothing gets the conversation and energy going than looking extra fly on a clean ride. Plus no backseat drivers, unless you get adventurous and we are all for that!

  4. Have No Destination
    Call us old fashioned, but there is something so freeing and wonderful about having nowhere to go, endless time and unexplored roads. Let your curiosity lead the way, go down a road you always pass by and see where it takes you. Going by bike means you have more freedom to stop, to take in your surroundings and to discover. Let us know what you find and where you go!

  5. Farmers Market 
    Let’s see who can relate. It’s a perfect sunny Sunday, you arrive at your local farmers market only to be circling the block with no parking in sight. Quick fix…take our CORE model and avoid the parking hassle while keeping your shopping to only the essentials (we think it’s pretty genius). Plus who wouldn’t want that breezy fresh feeling Sunday morning with fresh ingredients to make some fresh food…sounds ideal…get on it!

  6. Camping

    Mountains or Beach…we love camping, because as you may have guessed, it makes us slow down and be present and really experience where we are and who we are with. Find some dirt roads, catch the sunset, rip the gas with no limits, there is freedom in any e-bike adventure that gets you off the grid. 

  7. Race
    Healthy competition keeps the momentum up, find some friends and 3, 2, 1, GO. Of course safety first, but we are all about the community and camaraderie of sportsmanship. All of a sudden we’re a kid again, it’s summer and there’s nothing else except the pavement, our bike and finish line…pretty beautiful right? We think so too.

  8. Sunset Ride 
    Who wouldn’t want that epic sunset ride? Judge us all you want, but we'll be taking sunset pics and chasing them for the rest of our life (no shame here) . It's like that last hero shot of the movie where the guy is driving at sunset and the camera pans across his profile and it's just bliss. (Can you blame us for idealizing that??) Sunset offers a slice of perfection, riding along you might just feel like you’re biking into the sunset off of the clouds.

  9. Commute 
    E-bike commuting is one of the most popular forms of using the bike, getting you to work swifting and sustainably. We definitely don’t live to work, but when we are working we make the best of it aka…pulling up to work on our e-bike.

  10. Trails
    Any opportunity to get out of the city away from concrete and cement, we take it. Ride in the dirt and get your wheels some real use. E-bike off-roading is a whole other way to adventure and experience the power and design of our bikes.

Bottom line? There is no shortage for how and where to ride and experience your pedal electric bike. Ride it for you, your way for your adventure. Whatever the time, day or place you can always find a new way to use your e-bike. Don’t slow down, we got you, keep going, keep exploring, keep pedaling!