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How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

We know it: you've got the need for speed! Check out what speeds you'll be catching if you purchase an E-Bike.

Let’s face it, a huge part of the appeal of ebikes is speed. To be able to use less energy and go faster, what’s not to love? Unlike MTBs or road bikes, an ebike is gonna propel you with optimized speeds with its built in motor. How fast you go will depend on a variety of factors, but electric bikes are programmed for maximum speed. In the world of e-bikes there are several classes of bikes that will give you a clear indicator of what speeds you’ll be able to reach and maintain for the long term. 

Before you purchase an ebike you might be wondering, how fast do electric bikes go?  On average, electric bikes can go  up to 20 mph. And on the flipside, even the most powerful electric bikes can only go up to 28mph. This is due to a few different factors, but mainly ties into different laws and insurance policies. 

The three classes of ebikes are a great place to start to understand  how fast ebikes can go! 

Class 1: These bikes have pedal assist, meaning the motor will kick in once you start pedaling. This model doesn’t have a  throttle and reaches up to 20 mph. This classification is reliable with a maximum motor wattage of 750W. Class 1 ebikes typically will help you enjoy longer mileage while for the most part preserve your battery power compared to other styles of riding. These are a great option for riding around town, errands, commuting etc. It’s a super straight forward model that will get you to where you need to be fast and efficiently. Definitely a perfect and affordable option for new riders. 

Class 2: Coming in with a bit more push, this model has both the pedal assist and throttle integrated into the bike. Like the class 1 bike, the speed goes up to 20 mph. Biggest difference here? Class 2 bikes have their drive system activated by a throttle. Which is located usually on the handlebars, where you can push a button of grip and twist the throttle system for speed. How fast you go on this class of bike will depend on which part of the biek you are activisting. For example, if you are in full electric mode you’ll reach somewhere around 15mph. But if you add in the pedal assist, you’re going to be flying at 24mph. 

Class 3: Where to turn to if you have that need for speed! This is where you’re going to start seeing upgraded and more robust motors. You’ll be ripping up to 28mph no problem. Even though these bikes do go fast, a big thing to remember is the extra rules and regulations for this range of speed. For instance you have to be over 17 to ride and you may need certain licensing/requirements depending on where you are riding your ebike. 

It's clear to see that there is a model and speed for every rider, every day and every adventure. But with that in mind comes a good measure of considering what speed makes the most sense for your life and how you intend to ride. What’s your priority, what’s your aim in riding an electric bike? If it’s pur la via loco…class 3 all the way baby! Faster electric bikes are not only innovative but they are a blast to ride! They are great for people that want to exert less effort biking but want to go long distances. With this heat wave, that sounds like a good plan to us honestly. These 3 classes of ebikes all offer something unique and substantial that will level up your riding experience. Go faster without breaking your back! Use pedal -assist and reach faster speeds your old bike could never even dream of! 

But back to basics, the whole means of figuring out your pace and how fat you want to go begins and ends with you. Always consider your needs first, why you are getting an ebike and how you are going to be riding it. Not to kill the vibe, but speed can be dangerous and definitely cause accidents or injuries so it’s important to make sure you get the right electric bike and the right speed for you. If you’re new we will always recommend and gently advise starting off easy with the class 1 ebikes and keep it at a slow pace till you get fully comfortable. The last thing anyone wants is to go too fast and end up hurt. Best bet? Take extra precautions and know that you can always increase how fast you go! Figure out what you’re comfortable with and lean into that speed. When you learn to get comfortable riding at a slower pace, you give yourself a better foundation to feel confident to ride your bike fast. You also cultivate a better awareness of your surroundings, your body and your bike. These are all important factors to be aware of when you’re riding so you can have the best experience. Don’t get us wrong, we love to go fast! But we also love to be safe and take it easy sometimes. It’s a balance. 

So while the question may be how fast do ebikes go? It really should be more about how fast do YOU want to go. You’re in the driver seat, literally, so figure out what is best for you, where you want to go and leave the rest up to us! This is one of the things that we love most about our brand and our community is that there is truly something for everyone. No matter your skill, your comfort level or experience, we can have you on an electric bike adventure in a blink of an eye. We make it accessible, sustainable and most importantly fast and fun! Find your speed and go as fast as you want, it’s your ride!