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Pedal Electric x Coral Gardeners

Pedal Electric x Coral Gardeners

A new collective of conscious commuters come together to support a deeply-rooted respect for the environment, an alignment that goes beyond the surface-level. This collaboration is rooted in a genuine passion for preserving our oceans, and is focused on making actionable commitments to nurture the fragile ecosystems that sustain us all.

In 2017, a new movement at the forefront of marine conservation led to the formation of Coral Gardeners, a dedicated initiative born on the island of Mo'orea, French Polynesia. This island, known as the sister island of Tahiti, boasts a stunning natural environment, including a vibrant and diverse reef system. However, a group of local surfers, free divers, and fishermen witnessed the decay of their local reef and the once flourishing marine life fading. This disruption of natural order became the catalyst for the Coral Gardeners movement, propelling these concerned adventurers to act on the alarming deterioration of their beloved ecosystem.

What stemmed as a small group of passionate locals soon blossomed into an expansive international movement. Over time, Coral Gardeners attracted advocates, scientists, engineers, and innovators from various corners of the world, all united by a shared vision to revolutionize ocean conservation through the powerful means of reef restoration.


This diverse group of individuals brought together their unique perspectives, skills, and expertise, forging a formidable force in the field of marine conservation.

Within the Coral Gardeners initiative, the dedicated crew is actively engaged in the intricate process of growing heat-resilient corals within specially designed nurseries. These nurseries serve as controlled environments where corals can be nurtured and cultivated to enhance survival rates and promote their growth.

The primary objective of this undertaking is to replenish damaged reefs and assist with the natural recovery of entire ecosystems, ultimately restoring the multitude of ecological services and beauty that coral reefs provide.

Located, S 17°28.857 and W 149°48.560, you can find the first PEDAL nursery. Within this nursery, the team carefully tends to coral fragments, (specifically of the Acropora and Pocillopora species). This deliberate selection aims to ensure genetic diversity, and to enhance the coral's chances of surviving a rapidly changing ecosystem. 

The success achieved in the PEDAL rope nursery is highly encouraging.

The corals nurtured within its confines have exhibited an exceptional survival rate of 96.7%

indicating the effectiveness of the Coral Gardeners' cultivation methods and the resilience of the corals themselves. These corals are not only surviving, but thriving as well. Under their care, the corals have been growing between five to ten times their original size. This remarkable growth is a testament to the meticulous attention and expertise employed by the Coral Gardeners team in maintaining optimal conditions for the corals' development.

In August, the next phase of the Coral Gardenes’ endeavor begins. This process involves the careful transplantation of these mature corals from the PEDAL rope nursery back onto the damaged reef. This critical step will launch in August 2023, and represents a crucial milestone in the restoration process. By reintroducing these robust corals to their natural habitat, Coral Gardeners aim to stimulate the recovery and regeneration of the entire ecosystem, promoting the return of vibrant marine life and stimulating a natural recovery that characterizes a healthy coral reef.

Buoyed by this significant success, Coral Gardeners now sets its sights on an even more audacious objective:

planting 1 million corals worldwide by 2025.

This ambitious mission represents a tangible commitment to reintroduce vitality, diversity, and resilience into our precious oceans. Through their relentless efforts and a global network of supporters, Coral Gardeners seeks to foster the revival and preservation of coral reefs across the globe, reestablishing these essential ecosystems as thriving havens of marine life.

Together, we strive to inspire others, raise awareness, and effect tangible change. By combining our resources, expertise, and dedication, we hope to create a wave that ripples across communities, sparking a global movement for a sustainable future. We are proud to be a part of this change, and to be the first Electric vehicle company to partner with our friends at Coral Gardeners. Not to mention, all future riders to join will now be contributing to the cause and adopting a coral for our growing nursery!