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Specifications & Features


Street: 28+ MPH 

PRO: 32+ MPH

AWD: 32+ MPH


The distance you can travel on a single battery charge largely depends on the terrain, weather, the rider/s weight, and how much you use the throttle vs. pedals. For example, if you’re riding throttle-only off-road, you’ll get fewer miles out of a single charge than if you were riding with pedal-assist on a flat paved road.

Standard 13Ah battery capacity

On average, you can travel 20-35 miles on the standard 13Ah battery included with every bike. That’s usually more than enough for the average day-to-day rides!

Long Range 21Ah battery capacity

On average, you can travel 40-60 miles on our Long Range 21Ah battery. This is the largest battery capacity available for a Class 3 electric bike. The cost to upgrade is $400 at the time of purchase, or if purchased separately, $899 plus shipping.

How do PEDAL’s handle hills and slopes? 

Every PEDAL can tackle most hills or slopes. When looking at our line-up some models perform better than the others. 


Street: Don’t take the Street model to be too literal. While this model performs best on gravel or groomed roads, due to the bald fat tires, you’ll be surprise with the variety of terrain this bike can tackle with ease. 


PRO: Our most popular model, The Pro, comes fully stocked and ready to rip all terrain. 


AWD: Premier model for tricky hills to rougher terrain. While both the Pro and AWD come equipped with dual suspension and a larger battery. The AWD (All Wheel Drive) offers dual motor capability – Providing that extra torque and traction needed for challenging terrain. 

Do I have to assemble my PEDAL? 

Every PEDAL comes 90% assembled and only require a few simple steps. We include everything you need in the box, followed by a build manual and build instructional video you can find on our site and emailed to all PEDAL Electric customers. You’ll be ripping your RIG in minutes! 

Do I need to Pedal? Ride modes

Unlike many electric bikes, PEDAL’s have three ride modes: throttle-only, pedal assist, and pedal-only (with 7-speeds). All of them are really easy to use and you can switch between them on the go! 


Throttle-Only = No pedaling required! Just use the twist throttle as if it was a motorcycle and rip away. Depending on the terrain, you can reach upwards to 28+ MPH. 


Pedal-Assist = It’s pedaling made easy. You can choose from a variety of levels, and the motor will provide a corresponding amount of power outputs as you pedal. If you unlock your bike to a class 3 model, the motor will stop giving your assistance when you reach 28+ mph. 


Pedal-Only = Not the reason you bought an electric bike, but nice alternative to treat your PEDAL exact same as any 7-speed bike. Looking for a little more resistance, potentially a workout. This is your mode. In addition, it’s great if you ever do run out of battery power. 

I cannot reach above a certain speed

  • If the speed you are reaching is above 30 MPH, this is normal. 
  •  E-bike top speeds depend on various variables such as, riders’ weight, battery charge level, slope / terrain conditions and tire pressure. 
  • If your top speed is below 30 MPH, the speed limited need to be checked and make sure your wheel diameter is set to 24’’ 
  • Please note that if you change the speed limiter, your PEDAL can exceed class 2 regulation. 

  • Changing the speed limiter is at the rider’s own risk. Please check your local e-bike laws to make sure you’re not breaking any laws. PEDAL Electric designed their bikes to go at an optimal 20 mph and is not liable for any damages that might occur due to high speeds. 

How is PEDAL in sand, snow and rain? 

Every model in the line-up is equipped for ripping in the rain, snow and sand. Some are better than others, when considering riders comfort and slope climb variety. 


Each model comes with high quality IP67 rated components, meaning that the bike is waterproof / dustproof. That said, your Rig should be completely fine tackling the rain, snow and sand. 


We recommend washing down you bike after any off-road adventure. Give your rig the love it deserves. No necessary but recommend taking it in once a quarter for a tune-up.

Can I ride off-road? 

Of course! PEDAL’s are meant for path less traveled. It was our mission to take you places you couldn’t otherwise venture. Remember to take extra care of your bike and regular maintenance to ensure years of experience. 

How long does it take to charge the battery? 

Battery charge times vary based on the type of battery and charger used. 


With the standard 2amp charger: 

            13 Ah Battery = 6 Hours 

            21 Ah Battery = 8 Hours 


With our 5amp supercharger: 

            13 Ah Battery = 3 Hours 

            21 Ah Battery = 4 Hours 


To ensure and maximize the batteries lifetime, try not to charge for over 24 hours period. 

What is the ideal height/weight for a rider? 

All PEDAL’s are designed for riders who are 5’1’’ to 6’5’’. The max payload of all models is 325 Lbs. 

Are the handlebars adjustable?

Yes, they are adjustable. The handlebars normal sit around 44’’ off the ground but can be raised vertically to 49’’. Depending on the rider’s height and style, that extra few inches can help find your perfect height. 

How much does a PEDAL weigh? 

PEDAL’s weigh from 65 lbs. to 72 lbs. Each model has its own specific weight. 


The Street = Our lightest model. Rear hub motor and 13Ah battery = 65 lbs. 


The Pro = Rear hub motor and 21Ah battery = 68 lbs. 


The AWD = Dual hub motors – 21Ah battery = 72 lbs.

What’s the best way to transport children with PEDAL Electric?

- While every PEDAL seat comes with dual passenger capability, we recommend using a trailer to transport children for extra safety. A popular brand in the bike community is Burley. It’s durable, stable and comes in multiple sizes / styles. 

- https://www.burley.com/product-category/bike-trailers-for-kids/

Help with An Existing Order

Where is my order?

Please send us an email at hello@pedalelectric.com with your order number, email address, and any photos (if necessary) and we’ll sort it out as quickly as possible!

Part of my order is missing

Please send us an email at hello@pedalelectric.com with your order number, email address, and any photos (if necessary) and we’ll sort it out as quickly as possible!

I want to Cancel my Order

- Of course, we’re really sad that you want to cancel your order. Just an FYI, all of our unshipped bikes are subject to a 12% administration fee (per our Refund Policy). 

- If you still want to go ahead and cancel your order, just send us an email at hello@pedalelectric.com with your order number and we’ll take care of it for you

I’d like to change my order

 If your bike hasn’t shipped yet, we can definitely change your order. Whether you want to add an accessory, change the color, or change the shipping address, just send us a message at hello@pedalelectric.com and we’ll go ahead and make the change. Any new accessories will ship for free with your bike

Troubleshooting, Repairs & Service

My brakes need adjusting

Please follow this brake adjustment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk_nC9anQcM&t=196s

My rear motor is not working

- Please check the rear motor cable to make sure it is snug and properly connected 

- Check for any error codes on the LCD display screen and let us know

My PEDAL motor is making a weird noise

Please email us a video of the noise and the serial number of you bike/battery 

My pedal assist isn’t working

Please check the disc with 12 circular magnets on it, make sure it’s clean and pushed all the way back toward the bike side. This is what enables the motor to correspond with the rider pedaling. a

How to remove the controller?

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. First, unlock the battery and remove it from under the seat. 

2. Next, you'll need to remove the seat by removing 5 nuts with the 13mm socket or the 13mm wrench included in your toolkit. Please keep the nuts in a safe place so they don't get lost. 

3. Notice the controller is taped tightly down in place and is plugged into lots of cables. Carefully pull the controller out with all the connections still intact.

4. Now unplug each connector, taking care not to bend any of the pins. Some connectors are pulled out while others are secured which require you to hold down a small lever to release. Please refer to the video above

You're all done! If you've been instructed to send your controller back to us, please be sure to pack it tightly in a padded envelope to keep it safe during transport.

Fix a rubbing wheel

A rubbing wheel can be frustrating for any rider as it creates unnecessary friction while you’re riding, slows you down or simply creates an annoying sound. 

If your wheel seems to be making a repetitive rubbing noise when it spins around, here are a few possibilities to troubleshoot:

· Your wheel/rim is no longer spinning true. This may be because you rode over a pothole or obstacle that bent the rim and now it’s rubbing on the brakes or chain. You may need to replace your rims depending on how badly warped the wheel is.

· It’s rubbing on the brake pads. Check that the brake discs and pads are clean (just use a damp rag to remove any dirt and residue). Also check that the protective piece of plastic that was between the brake pads was removed during assembly. 

· The fender has shifted. Sometimes the fenders bolts come loose, and it tilts down at one end and ends up rubbing against the wheel. Just realign the fender away from the wheel and tighten it in place. 

· It’s rubbing on a cable. Sometimes cables come loose, and they may come in contact with one of your wheels. If that’s the case, just shift the cable to the side or tie it away from the wheel with a zip tie if necessary. 

If none of these possibilities fix the problem, please contact our Customer Happiness Team at hello@pedalelectric.com

Tire falling off the rims

If your tire has come off its rim while in storage or in the rare case while riding, you’ll need to fit the tire back on the rim before riding the bike again. 

Important: If you continue to ride the bike with the tire off the rim, you run the risk of damaging the rim, your bike, and potentially injuring yourself.

Step-by-step instructions for placing the tire back in the rim:

1. Deflate the tire and remove it away from the rim

2. Slightly inflate the tube and shape it to the tire

3. Work one side of the tire back onto the rim, then the other side

4. Using a floor pump, slowly air the tire and always ensuring the bead is completely seated all the way around the rim

5. Inflate to 25psi

How to fix a flat tire

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Deflate the tube completely (if necessary)

2. Pop a small section of the tire off the rim and insert your tire lever. Gently drag the lever all the way around the edge to pop the tire off the rim

3. With your hand, pull the tube out from underneath the tire. Set aside.

4. Take the tire completely off the rim

5. With the new tube, put the stem back into the tube with your valve tool and screw the stem in

6. Gently air the tube up a little so it takes shape

7. Make sure you orient your tire on the wheel, so the tread is facing forwards

8. Insert one side of the tire onto the rim

9. Find the hole for the stem on wheel and spin the wheel until that hole is at the top

10. Push the top half of the wheel through the tire to the other side

11. Insert the stem of the new tube into the hole, and then start to push the tube underneath the tire all the way around the wheel. The tire will eventually sit loosely on around the wheel with the tube inside

12. Air up the tube a little more

13. With your tire lever, start to feed the tire back underneath the rim all the way around both sides

14. Make sure nothing is hanging out or bulging. Air up the tire until it is firmer and reattach it to your bike

My chain keeps falling off

- First, try and adjust your derailleur 

- If the bike is over a year +, the chain may have stretched, and you might need to take a link or two out of the chain.

Does PEDAL Electric sell replacement parts?

Yes – Absolutely! We have everything you need to fully restore and support all PEDAL Electric models. Feel free to drop us a line at any time to let us know what you need or how we can help! 

If you still need help

If you need any help, please email us at hello@pedalelectric.com

Safety and Security

Protecting your PEDAL against loss or theft

Being a Venice based company, we know a thing or two about theft and stolen items. It’s important to think about protecting your RIG from loss or theft. Whether you live and an urban or rural environment, someone that doesn’t have a PEDAL wants one. It only takes a few seconds for someone to jack your best friend. Here are a few suggestions we have for our fellow Electric Tribe. 

Invest in a high-quality lock

While each model comes with a secured battery lock, we recommend investing in a high quality / durable lock to protect your bike when you’re not riding. Our preferred brand is Kriptonite – Easily found on Amazon or other online retailers. 

Make note of your PEDAL’s serial number

You can find the serial number on your handlebar post.

Register your bike

 We recommend registering your bike with Bike Index (free online databases that are searchable by police departments and bike shops) as they can be useful in the event your PEDAL is lost or stolen.

Insure your bike 

If using a lock, installing a GPS locator or purchasing a sound alarm doesn’t quite cut it – You may want to consider getting e-bike insurance. This won’t prevent you from getting your PEDAL stolen, but it will allow you to get a new one. Check to see if your insurance policies covers e-bikes. 

Bike Maintenance

Keeping your PEDAL tuned

As with any bike, e-bikes require regular maintenance to stay safe and keep in top shape. Here is a list of activities you should abide by in order to extend the life of your PEDAL: 


Look over / admire the bike before each session: 


Check the bike for any wear and tear, malfunctioning components and wheel alignment issues. 

Keep your bike clean

We encourage to take the path less traveled or to make your own. To no surprise; dirt, salt and dust can damage your bike over time. Keeping your bike clean will extend its life. Simple maintenance after an adventure, such as wiping your bike down with a damp towel or using noncorrosive cleaning products will prevent the aging of your machinery.


Not necessary but we encourage a Bi-Annually check-up. Take your PEDAL to a local shop for a general tune-up. Typically, inexpensive and worth a qualified bike technician giving a second glance over a potential issue you might’ve missed or otherwise unaware existed.  

Replace brake pads every 400-750 miles

E-bike brake pads often wear down faster than normal bikes due to the speed the bike travels. Check the pads regularly and replace them when they’re worn down. Ship an email to CS@pedalelectric.com if you need some.