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Sea to Table with Dudley Market

Sea to Table with Dudley Market

Teaming up with the Dudley Market was just as pleasurable as dining there. Dudley Market was born with a dedication to bring life and energy to the street they now call home. Their way to bring back this life? Provide quality seafood and fresh wine to their community in a way that helps that community. Their aspirations were obvious, 

To be there for the community that was already there for them. 

After finding out that they were as dedicated to seeing Venice flourish with enhanced community engagement, and sustainability as we were, we knew we had to collaborate. Their emphatic focus on bringing sustainably caught and high quality ingredients matched perfectly with our mission of having that same emphatic focus on sustainability and creating a healthier Venice. 



Having a Pedal Electric Bike is just so perfect in the aspect of being sustainable and being environmentally friendly…

In order to push that focus on sustainability we put the AWD S to the test to create a truly unique zero emission sea to table experience. The two one thousand watt hub motors and sturdy frame of the Pedal Electric AWD [ S ] was the perfect match for their recently caught 180 pound tuna that required around 150 pounds of ice for transport. After rigging up the proper towing equipment we turned on the bike and hit the throttle. After a successful test, the Dudley Market team decided…



...We don’t have to drive anymore.


With their boat only 10 minutes away, they have been able to successfully transport their recent catches directly to their door and their customers. Adding to this already sustainable and community focused workflow was an adventure for us both. This collaboration with Dudley Market is just another of many ways Pedal hopes to foster a stronger Venice community, and foster growth to all other communities with access to our bikes! 



This is just another interesting example of the many potential and viable uses of our products that go beyond just speed and enjoyment. Whether it's exploring further, adding convenience to your errands or adding fun to your beach trips, Pedal Electrics' amazing array of e-bikes will find new ways to add convenience and enjoyment to your day to day.



AWD [ S ] $3,495$3,195 All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ]
All Wheel Drive [ S ] $3,495$3,195
New and improved, faster and more robust. This model sports a DUAL 1000W BAFANG motor system and is equipped with our state of the art 1008W Lithium Ion Battery.