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joyride° | Jack Freestone

joyride° | Jack Freestone

Jack Freestone professional surfer, father, sustainability advocate and friend of Pedal Electric joins us for our latest Joyride series. Meshing exporation with sustainability can be difficult but Jack has found a happy medium with his surfing, family life and conscious enjoyment of our oceans. Every surfer has noticed the effects of industrialization and the increase of plastic pollution in our oceans, but Jack has taken it a step further with his statements and actions to instigate change and raise awareness for the detrimental state we find our waters in. 

We all have the itch to find new surf spots and trails, so Jack and his family have settled on the North Shore. Transitioning from tour life can be difficult but he has found the perfect niche of free surfing, family life and exploration of the world and its various environments. When we visited them for our Joyride series Jack was preparing to take his and Alana Blanchard’s son Banks to school.

 “I literally get all the family on here and it’s… the funnest way to get to the beach.” 

It’s hard not to notice the beauty and incredible power of nature in Hawaii and Jack’s understanding and respect of it inspires not only us at Pedal Electric but his many fans across the globe. Living in Kauai for a few years before the move to the North Shore Jack and Alana sustainably farmed their land while dealing with sponsorships and the adjustments to parenthood. But the balance they’ve found with nature, work life and family life is something many of us strive for and can see achieved through them. 

“My bike is a product of the environment and that’s what I try and do everyday is… respect my surroundings and the environment itself.”


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That balance is shown in the brands and people he partners himself with. Jack makes sure the work he does has as small of a negative environmental impact as possible and as large as a positive environmental impact as he can though advocacy, sustainability and conservation. Freestone’s support for PEDAL Electric is a testament to his commitment to sustainability and his belief in the importance of taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint. His partnership with our brand demonstrates that it is possible to align our personal values and lifestyle with the products and services we use and promote, in this case, sustainable transportation.

Thanks to Jack and his amazing family and we can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing next!