Electric Bike vs. Electric Scooter

Electric Bike vs. Electric Scooter

Zipping around on any electric ride can be fun. Learn the differences between E-Bikes and E-Scooters & why we think electric bikes are way better!

It’s no surprise that get around electric is more and more popular, aka we aren’t going anywhere, but you definitely are going to be cruising anywhere and everywhere you want to. One of the biggest questions we get asked is what distinguishes our electric bikes from all the easy access pay to ride electric scooters out there to rent and purchase. I mean it really is no comparison, it goes without saying that bikes can take you faster and farther for longer. When it comes down to an electric bike vs.electric scooter, it really comes down to preference, lifestyle and usage. I mean we already have our mind made up, clearly…but we’re going to weigh on both sides and really outline the differences so you know the ins and outs of both. 

The Basics: Scooter vs. Bike

For us when we hear the word “scooter” the first thing that comes to mind is those razor scooters we grew up on. And if you don’t know what we're talking about go ask your older sibling or parents whats up. Scooters were something we used in the backyard, at the park, to pass the time and play outside. It’s easy, it’s simple and it's kinda always felt like this funny hybrid stuck between a skateboard and a bike (no disrespect). So summer days after the beach when we were air drying on our scooters with no shoes on, pushing against the pavement, it was the ideal ride. But fast forward to adulting, who rides a scooter? But really? It’s not the practical option for commuting or getting air or cruising at the beach…simply put, it leaves something to be desired. 

Bikes are not only faster and a better workout, but they are also safer and easier to maneuver with traffic. Bikes give us the freedom to do more, see more and feel more. We have more options in how we want to move around. You didn’t hear it from us, but sometimes scooters just feel like an awkward accessory that doesn’t really park well. (don’t get us started on the sidewalks of fallen scooters on the ground…) But all jokes aside, it really comes down to what you are using them for, where you’re going and what you’re doing…sure if you’re out and want to mob with your group on some electric scooters to the next bar (responsibly!) go for it, we aren’t holding you back. However, if you’re trying to get somewhere with a limited amount of time or its farther away, the bike always dominates. There is no way around that really. 

Everything Electric

The mechanics and overall way to operate an electric scooter vs. bike is like night and day. We will day, we are a proponent of all things electric so we’ll leave it at that for now. But there are some things you might want to consider between the two before purchasing. Or even better test ride them, hop on a lime scooter and really see if you want that to be a daily driver…(no judgment). 

The biggest thing we would say is speed. Although  a scooter is more portable and easier to carry, it isn’t going to get you there at the speed in which an electric bike will. Other important factors? Range and safety. No question here that an ebike is going to give you more range and less worry about having your battery die or getting stuck etc. Whereas an electric scooter doesn’t have a power system like our electric bikes to give you confidence when you are riding. Our advice? Save electric scooters for manageable shorter rides. Safety is crucial on any electric on non electric transportation vehicle whether a car, a bike, a scooter etc. The reality is, once again, an electric bike is going to give you the ease and comfort of a smoother ride because it’s equipped with bigger tires to handle uneven surfaces and potholes that may otherwise cause you to fly or fall off an electric scooter, which nobody wants! 

Our solution? Choose the ride that is the safest and most efficient option for where you’re going! 

Where to ride an Electric Bike vs. Electric Scooter

By now its a safe bet to say that you’re probably not going to be riding an electric bike and an electric scooter in the same places or same ways. I mean we could be wrong, but just going off of personal experience. Where can you ride them? Sure we aren’t stopping you from exploring, being adventurous and taking electric far and wide, go for it! These are just our suggestions for best riding practices for your electric bike or electric scooter. Let’s go! 

For scooters, as we’ve said before’ we’re gonna be conservative and say stay in the bike line, the sidewalk, parks and basically any area that’s smooth, paved and free and clear of any rough terrain. Sorry this just isn’t the adrenaline option. (Check out AWD III for that thrill !!) Maybe in a neighborhood, parking lots, wherever you can escape traffic go there! 

As for electric bikes, are there really any limits? We’d like to think not! Especially with the diverse classifications we offer, there aren’t many places you CAN’T take our electric bikes and that’s something that we love. It’s exciting to know that no matter where you’re going, you can always have the option for an electric cruise in the mountains, by the ocean, in the desert or in the city. It’s all available to you and you can ride with confidence and ease knowing you're safe and equipped with the best of the best when it comes to riding anything electric. 

At the end of the day, it’s your ride, your time and your experience. There’s no wrong answers here. Find what suits you and go for it. Electric bikes and electric scooters are amazing in the way they get us to our destination in a new way without gas that takes mother earth into account. We want to continue to advocate for that! So when you’re choosing electric, you can’t choose wrong! 

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