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PEDAL Summer

PEDAL Summer

It’s summer, the windows are down and the heat is up. When we aren’t at the beach (everyday) we are cruising, jamming, shredding, traveling and getting into it. Venice is a summer dream and we take advantage of the warm summer sunshine whenever we get the chance. We’re not your typical bike and this isn’t your typical summer, we’re taking up new hobbies and trying new things because life is too short and summer is too sweet. Tag along. 

It’s a Saturday morning, the weather is perfect and the day is open. Up first? Coffee. Let’s cruise over to Goodboy Bob for an iced almond latte. If you’re feeling famished, their pastries never disappoint…10/10! 

When we were kids our favorite summer pastime was lazy mornings that turned into spontaneous adventures to the beach, an off roading adventure, a new hiking trail, camping, anything is possible in the summer. What that looks like now is speeding across sandy beach paths with no skinned knees, racing to an outdoor concert or picking up a friend for a neighborhood pool party. We’re always ready to go with our electric bikes, no limits. 

We’re caffeinated and awake (barely), just in time to flow into the day at Love Yoga. Their classes keep us grounded and chill in the waves of summer heat and fun. Their turquoise floor makes practice that much more cool, but honestly a great workout. 

After a much needed sweat you can probably find us taking a cruise to Will Rogers beach to cool off and avoid the tourists (at all costs). We’ll hit up the crew and speed down the boardwalk from Venice, music blasting and wind blowing…people are thinking we’re hooligans and well they’re not wrong. Maybe we’ll play some volleyball, definitely dive under some waves and nap before riding back. 

At sunset we head to a concert, the air is warm because it’s summer and everything feels suspended and perfect. We keep our pace, cut corners, weave in and out of traffic and for a moment forget there is a destination, we’re so affixed to the moment of riding. Bikes parked, drinks ordered, the night is perfect and we are in the music. 

We head out, say our goodbyes and ride off into the night, with summer dripping from our smiles and our bikes carrying more stories from another perfect summer day. We wish everyday could be like this, pure bliss. Summer feels like magic, it’s warmer and freer. You want to be outside, you want to find adventure, you want to experience everything. Cruise freely this summer with us anytime, stop by for adventure and a free test ride!