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Why You Should Get An Electric Bike

Why You Should Get An Electric Bike

We lead busy lives and at the core of our days we are getting from one place to the next, navigating home, running errands and meeting up with friends (our favorite). We’re all about anything electric, it’s good for the planet and it’s efficient (need we say more?). Electric bikes make any trip smoother and allow you to go further & faster for longer. Although ebikes won’t reach the speed of a car, they will dramatically cut the time that would be lost in traffic if you were driving a car. It’s common to wonder how far you can go on an electric bike and if it is actually a feasible option for you. But the obvious upside to owning an electric bike is the money it saves you from gas and the upkeep of a vehicle and the active lifestyle it will give you. 

The technical components of an electric bike are important to consider: the battery and the motor work in tandem, which determines how many miles an electric bike can go based on the different wattage between both the battery and the motor.  Most ebikes today work in a few different modes, such as “pedal assist,” where you and the motor are working together (aka less work for you). But if you’re wanting to cruise and exert zero effort, you’ll be enjoying “full throttle mode;” however, this is also going to exhaust the motor and battery faster so keep that in mind if you’re needing to go farther, if not..enjoy the ride. Other factors such as how much you weigh will play into the speed and distance of an ebike; however, although the actual weight of the battery and motor will vary between different sizes/models, this will not affect the performance of the bike at all. 

How many miles an electric bike can go will  also depend upon which of these modes you’ll be using the most. You’ll be able to go farther with pedal assist because your effort will take the heat off draining the battery/motor, otherwise if you’re zooming by without pedal assist just be aware your range is going to cap off much quicker than if you utilize pedal assist. Other factors like inclines, your weight and the speed you’re riding at will also affect your distance range.  For example most 200-750W throttle e-bikes with a 480 Wh battery that are ridden at around 20mph on relatively flat terrain will get the typical rider around 20 miles, whereas pedal assist e-bikes ridden between 15-18 mph will get you somewhere closer to 30+ miles.  At PEDAL, our bikes are crafted with  a 1000w hub motor and/or dual 750w motor with a 48v 21 aH battery giving a total of 1050 watt. You can expect a range of 40-60 miles at 32mph on your rides. 

Determining how far an ebike will go isn’t simple math, sorry. But the good thing is because there are various ways to utilize the modes of an electric bike, you can customize how you ride to get a longer range, faster speeds or both depending on what you want and need. Electric bikes are here to stay, they’re giving us more energy on and off the bike to do more and be more. Whether you want to use an e-bike for commuting, for errands around your neighborhood or for active adventures, there is a ride for everyone and anyone. Hop on today and enjoy the ride! 

But e-bikes are not just for commuting. They make adventuring more accessible and enjoyable allowing you to find the road less traveled by that you may be incapable to traverse with your car, or own two legs. With an e-bike, riders can cover more ground and explore new areas without getting as tired as they would on a traditional bike. This means they can spend more time enjoying the scenery and less time feeling fatigued. Due to e-bikes' environmental focus, you can commute and explore with zero emissions, requiring significantly less energy to operate than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. So not only can you explore and commute but you can feel good while doing, knowing your choice has limited your carbon footprint!

When it comes to choosing an e-bike, PEDAL Electric is a great option for both the conscious commuter and the electric adventurer. At PEDAL Electric we offer a variety of e-bikes that are designed with both functionality and sustainability in mind. Our e-bikes are made with high-quality materials and feature advanced technology such as cadence sensors, efficient yet powerful motors, and waterproofing.