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Benefits of E-Bikes

Benefits of E-Bikes

Electric bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years as a sustainable, efficient and fun mode of transportation. E-bikes are powered by a rechargeable battery and an electric motor, which assist the rider in pedaling, making it easier to travel longer distances and tackle hills with less effort. Some e-bikes like PEDAL Electric come with both pedal assist and a throttle allowing for a completely effortless and fun ride.

The environmental impact, or considerable reduction in it, is a major draw for consumers to electric bikes. Electric bikes emit zero emissions and are much quieter than traditional gas-powered vehicles, reducing air and noise pollution. Although it is true the creation of these e-bikes often do have a carbon footprint some companies off-set these emissions to make for a truly carbon neutral bike. If you are looking for a truly carbon neutral product, PEDAL Electric offsets all manufacturing emissions by partnering with 1% for the planet and with SeaTrees. Thanks to our partnership with SeaTrees we are the first Ocean Positive electric bike. All manufacturing emissions have been offset by our planting of kelp fields to restore our oceans.

For many the largest benefit to electric bikes is their cost-effectiveness. They are much cheaper to operate than cars, as they require minimal maintenance and no fuel costs. This makes them a great option for commuters who want to save money on transportation expenses. To fully charge a Pedal Electric bike it costs on average 15 cents! 

When it comes to choosing an e-bike, there are several different types to consider based on your lifestyle and functionality needs. Here are a few popular types of e-bikes:

  • Commuter e-bikes: These e-bikes are designed for city riding and commuting. They often have built-in lights, fenders, and racks for carrying cargo. They also have a more upright riding position for added comfort on longer rides.
  • Mountain e-bikes: These e-bikes are designed for off-road riding and are built with suspension and sturdy frames to handle rough terrain. They are a great option for those who enjoy exploring trails and going on adventures.

  • Cargo e-bikes: These e-bikes are designed for carrying cargo, such as groceries or children. They have large racks and baskets for carrying items and a more upright riding position for stability.

With Pedal Electric we designed our bikes to mesh these three into the ultimate cruiser, with the range and ease of a city e-bike, the ability for exploration and off-road riding of a mountain e-bike and the ability to hold and tow most cargo! 

The battery and motors are other important factors to consider when buying an e-bike. The capacity of the battery is measured in watt-hours (Wh) and the range of the battery is measured in kilometers. The higher the watt-hours, the longer the range of the battery. The motors are distinguished by watts with motors often ranging between 250-1000 watts. Our Core model comes with a 48v 15ah battery and one 750 watt motor, and the AWDIII model comes with a 48v 21ah battery and two 1000 watt motors.

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E-bikes offer many practical benefits from saving on commuter costs to personal environmental impact, while also providing the opportunity for lifestyle changes adding another great way to experience the outdoors. When choosing an e-bike, consider the type, and high-quality components, such as a powerful motor and long-lasting battery. PEDAL Electric offers a range of e-bikes that mesh the benefits of its competitors and the most popular styles, to fit any lifestyle and terrain. With PEDAL Electric, you can enjoy all the benefits of an e-bike with the added peace of mind that comes with a high-quality product and reliable customer support.