Venice Showroom

The Pedal Electric family is a close knit team of dreamers, movers, explorers and change makers. We’ve made our corner of the city by setting up shop in Venice, CA in a showroom that is becoming home to ideas and growth we are excited to continue to carry out. We knew we wanted community and intention to be big players in our story and how people would connect with us. A lot of us call Venice home, commute into work on our bikes, while continuing to really refine what it means to live this lifestyle and advocate for sustainability by moving in new ways. Venice carries a rhythm and a pulse that we see as completely integral with the DNA of who we are, how we came to be and where we are going. Our showroom is a first stop towards an exciting future that we are excited to create and share with you. Stop by for test drives, repairs, to pick up your order and everything in between.

As we grow, we want to build community here by aligning with everything this place exudes: slowing down, supporting local businesses, spending time together outside, while bringing in our intention towards sustainable change. We believe change happens slowly over time through sharing, storytelling and by living what you speak. So here we are in a beautiful showroom, open to you and yours, practicing everyday how to show up for ourselves, our community and the planet a little bit better everyday. Stop by and say hi!  

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