Tandem Adventures

How does the saying go? Two heads are better than one…better together... We couldn’t agree more. As much as our bikes are about making YOUR life smoother and easier filled with more adventure, it’s also about sharing that feeling and bringing it into your community.  Our bikes are built so you can always have your ride or die right behind you taking in the views, the breeze, the sun right alongside you. 

A tandem ebike is the perfect way to cruise together. Whether it's a homie or your partner, we see tandem cruising as an indescribable experience to share and enjoy. There’s definitely a lot of pure bliss in zipping along traffic holding onto the rider’s back, and also a lot of space to build trust. Our ebike tandem seating is super safe and comfortable, no holding back on the speed, just holding on. Whenever we have a moment to share and create moments of true flow and enjoyment of the moment, we take it. Maybe instead of driving to dinner, you hop on the PEDAL and see where it takes you, pick up your friend or surprise your partner. Find somewhere you’ve never been, try something you’ve never had, take a new route, find a new neighborhood, have your passenger make up the directions…do something different. 

In our mind? We picture sunset on the beach, the ocean is glass, your best friend on the back of the bike at the water’s edge. It’s in these moments that we chase aliveness, who wouldn’t want that? They make us feel connected and inspired and to us, that’s the basis of everything. Maybe it’s our childhood fantasies coming to life, but undoubtedly the adventure antee increases dramatically when there's someone holding on for dear life as you speed ahead…or is that just us? And here’s the best part about tandem riding, two in one, aka you’re using less power and you’re getting there together. We don’t see a downside here. PEDAL is built for two, push past the traffic and ride. Sustainability, to us, is this beautiful balance of honoring the planet, being proactive, but still cultivating moments of not being so serious, of being in the moment, of living. Cruising with a friend is the best of both worlds, you’re creating adventure and making conscious choices. 

Most models out there aren’t going to be 2 seater ebikes like PEDAL. Ditch the gas and ride one bike together, it’s efficient for your wallet and it’s good for the planet. Say less. This is just one  way of stepping out of the mundane and remembering the joyous moments that are always available. When we seize these moments with the people we care about, we remember flow, we remember our “why”, we remember to connect, we remember to slow down. Community is a huge part of why we do what we do. When we live together, we can grow together. Find ways to laugh, to recharge and to ride with the people who enrich your journey.

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