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Safety 101 - tips and tricks to riding

Safety 101 - tips and tricks to riding

As much as we can, we go for the adventure, the thrill, the max speed. What can we say, we love the rush. But even though we love to cut corners and race each other, we still know the importance of a good ol’ safety 101. Being a safe rider is part of the responsibility you share with the rest of the road, being aware and alert will go far! We see it as a balance, keeping the pace of adventure with the assurance that you’ll get there in one piece. Win win! Here’s our go to checklist for riders of all levels to refer to!

1. Helmet 

We get it, it’s not the sleekest or coolest option. And maybe you’re already adept at riding, fair enough! These are only suggestions and more often than not a helmet is gonna give you more confidence to go faster and farther (just sayin’) Besides your brain is pretty awesome and so are you, so we want to make sure it stays that way.

2. Bluetooth

Music is always on, full blast. When it comes to listening to music or navigation, best to take out the headphones and set up a bluetooth enabled speaker so you can hear more of your surroundings. Last thing you (or we!) want you to get into an accident while your favorite track is bumping, tragic. 

3. Traffic Flow

When you’re on your PEDAL it's super easy to feel invincible, to feel like the rules don’t apply to you…we get it, been there. And there’s something to be said for that free flowing ease of feeling like you own the road, don’t lose that spirit, just remember to stop, check your surroundings, let cars pass, be mindful of pedestrians…common knowledge! Basically don’t be in your own world, how does that saying go….share the road? Yeah that. 

4. Speed

 Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE to rip it down an empty street, weave in and out of the center, aimlessly turn and make up the rules as we go. We love being free, we’ll always chase those moments. On the other hand, we know we have to be mindful to make sure we have more moments! So just even it out, if it's super busy on a main road and it’s rush hour…slow your roll. We can’t always be going 100% all the time, we honestly love putting around for a mellow cruise, makes the time for adventure and being extreme that much more epic. 

Hope you like you tips and secret (not so secret) tricks of the trade. We love seeing the community out there in full force, let's do our part to show the rest of the road that we can do it both ways: safely conscious meets radical adventure. Best of both worlds, don’t you think? Happy riding, stay safe fam!