PEDAL Electric & Rising Gas Prices

How we power and move through our lives is determined and controlled by factors within and also outside of our control. Throughout California and beyond, rising gas prices continue to create systemic discrepancy and lack. With new legislation being enacted, we will hopefully soon welcome in a new space of transparency within how oil is refined, for how much, at what cost and for what profit. It is no surprise that tactical supply and demand causes inequity in not only our access to resources, but also to our quality of life. 

Sustainable modes of transportation are on the rise with new electric vehicles and even with new electric companies such as Rivian. We are here to support and elevate this shift. We believe in an intersection between technology, sustainability and commitment to healthy living. E-bikes aren’t the end all be all, but they offer a seismic change to habit and convenience that ultimately hugely benefits our planet. We’re asking real questions about real change for real people.  Through actions and being intentional with our choices, we’re committing to turning that page together, to imagine and create a new sustainable future together. PEDAL Electric, the premier e-bike for adventuring and conscious commuting.

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