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On The Move: Our favorite Venice Spots

On The Move: Our favorite Venice Spots

When we think about Venice, we think of home, our friends, our work, walking on the beach and the community ties we continue to create. We value all the aspects that create community, the local digs, the og characters, the legends, the iconic businesses and everything in between. Pedal Electric isn’t just a bike and it’s definitely not just a store, we’re a hybrid, a mix where dreaming, living, creating and discovering all come together under one roof and one sun (because  we’ll take outside over inside anyday!) Everything we do goes back to the community, so to keep it up and pay it forward we’re giving out a roadmap to the best of Venice selected & curated by us for you. When we aren't cruising through the canals or zooming through crowds of tourists along the Venice boardwalk we are usually enjoying these favorite spots. Don’t worry we don’t gatekeep, we’re here to put you on.

1. Gnarwhal Coffee 

A morning must, or really an all day favorite…well till 4pm! This Australian owned coffee shop hits. Perched on the corner of Main & Marine, it's only a block from the beach…aka perfect for a caffeinated beach cruise. Ride over say hi the fam, work, read, take care of business and enjoy the ocean breeze. 

2. Gjusta

Gjusta is a staple, an essential if we’re being honest. This California style deli, bakery and market started in 2014 continues to serve fresh seasonal food to the community. We love their vibe and their process because they source everything directly from local SOCal farmers and they get their meat and seafood from local ranchers, fishermen and co-ops. It’s important to us to find community and support the businesses and people with an aligned vision and purpose! Their space, menu and energy changes as the seasons go and is never short of lovely, delicious and nurturing. Truly a perfect dining spot to feel tucked away like you’re enjoying dinner at an old friend's house (shouldn’t it always feel this way??)

3. Cobis

This new but not so new South east Asian restaurant was formerly, Dhaba for an amazing 50 years owned by Manhar and Margaret Patel. They re-opened and said hello to the community last year in October 2021 introducing new flavors, dishes and decor. Outdoor / indoor dining gives the warmth of home we really value with a lovely modern shabby charm. 

4. Hotchkiss Park

Kicking it at the park is next to perfect. This simple neighborhood park is tucked about from the hustle and bustle of central Venice perched up above Main street with a view with a breeze and trees for days. Make it your screen break routine pit spot, your go to lookout for sunset or just a sweet spot to lay in the sun after biking home from work. 

5. Great White 

Australia is coming in hot once again with owners Sam Trude and Sam Cooper keeping it light and bright with this cute cafe just steps away from the iconic “Venice” sign. A super easy spot for smoothies, breakfast, on tap kombucha, Australian teas and coffee with some great lunch options too. Better bike up an appetite! 

6. Jyan Isaac Bread

We love carbs and that won’t be changing anytime soon. So you can best bet we’re grabbing our loaves from the artisanal bread shop, Jyan Isaac, fresh to the scene last fall. We love a come up story, and this is it. 19 year old Jyan Isaac discovered a passion for baking during the pandemic and turned it into a full fledged business and previously worked at Gjusta. He has a strong sourcing game too, which we value and respect. His grain is intentionally selected, better for the environment with a better taste.

7. AY ^ AM

Hidden away in the wetlands of Playa Del Rey, this dreamy and ethereal tea room is an entire world of peace, service and beauty. A perfect place to ride to for a quick escape and opportunity to recenter, enjoy tea with community and find stillness.

8. June Shine 

One of our all time favorites, and local friends! June Shine is a hard kombucha brand based in San Diego and making its way to Los Angeles with its first tasting room on Main Street! A perfect diet to beat the heat and catch up with friends. With impeccable and unmatched taste you’ll definitely find us there at least once a week, maybe more! 

That covers it for this round up, stay updated on all our picks for everything Venice, everything community. We’re proud of contributing in big and small ways to the ways this place cultivates community, change, inspiration and freedom. Here’s to more discovering, more connecting and more riding. 

Tag us in your adventure on social media! #pedalpicks, let us know what you liked and submit your local picks! :)