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Benefits of Pedal Electric

Benefits of Pedal Electric

More than transportation, we are creating a way where moving from point A to point B can mean more than just that. We see electric bikes not only as a new frontier but a space for freedom and possibility. Any shift takes time and patience, but we believe our culture of commuting and navigating our busy days will continue to evolve. With countless benefits, electric bikes offer more than just a sustainable active lifestyle, they also cultivate new ways of connecting to your neighborhood, your day and yourself. What happens when we step out of our cars and cultivate space to move in ways? We may just find new people, new paths, new places that we connect with. We wanted to create our official unofficial ebike buying guide, you can’t really go wrong with any of our bikes! But we definitely wanted to provide some insight into what to look for when buying an electric bike. 

Electric bikes take us places faster and figuring out which electric bike is best for you will depend on your lifestyle and your priorities. The overall benefits of an electric bike include sustainability, better for our health and smart commuting. Electric bikes are divided into three categories based on their motor, battery and terrain. For someone who wants to use their electric bike around the neighborhood to run errands, go to the beach, meet up with friends and use it recreationally on sidewalks and bike lanes your best option will be bikes like our “The Street” model. The perfect class for a smooth steady ride between 20-35 miles at a max speed of 28 mph. If you’re the type of person who is looking for adventure and hitting the mountains and then the beach, “The Pro” model is gonna elevate the adventure and get you going to more places, more often at a breezy speed of 32+mph between 40-60 mile range. If you’re trying to live with no limits and go full speed ahead, the “Dual Motor” model is going to be your epic companion  anytime, anywhere. With our Dual Motor RIG you’re gonna be ripping high speeds on any and all terrains reaching 32+ mph.

The types of motor and battery are important things to consider in what to look for in an ebike. Hub drive motors and send power to the rear wheel and you’ll feel like you're pushed along. Rear motors can be complex with changing a tire, whereas front-hub drive motors are more similar to how we think of front wheel drive. A mid-drive motor is great with pedal assist and having the weight of the motor low in the middle gives an overall stabled balanced ride. Batteries are just as important to making sure you have a smooth and steady, it’s important to look at how the battery is integrated into the bike and if that makes sense with how you will use it. External batteries will be best for fast easy replacement, a good option for the rider who is riding for longer and faster. Also good to keep in mind that batteries will on average take 3-5 hours to fully charge. When deciding what to look for in an electric bike keep in mind how the motor and battery function together. A more robust motor will give you more speed and torque for going up hills, but will drain your battery faster. Different wattage between battery and motor will vary between the three classes. For example, a 500 watt motor paired with a 500Wh battery (a typical class 3 ebike) will inevitably drain power faster. At PEDAL, our bikes are crafted with  a 1000w hub motor and/or dual 750w motor with a 48v 21 aH battery giving a total of 1050 watt. This will give maximum power at a medium range.  So consider how you’ll be using your bike so you can get the most out of it and ride smarter and faster! 

Accessories are there for you to get the most out of your ebike! Again, select accessories that make sense for you and your lifestyle. We recommend: cup holder, second seat, suspension, gears, backrack, lock system, smartphone integration and Handlebar-mounted LCD displays to monitor your battery life and other stats. 

Class 1: A bicycle with a motor that assists only when the rider pedals and stops assisting at the speed of 20mph.

Class 2: A bicycle with a motor that exclusively propels the bike and can’t assist past 20mph.

Class 3: A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only as the ride starts pedaling; however, stops once the bike reaches 28mph

Like anything, figuring out what to look for in an electric bike really comes down to what you want and how you want to use it! There is a way to ride for every lifestyle, terrain and price point. Consider where you want to ride, for how long, how often and make sure to get educated on all the various motor/battery combinations their different power and range levels, so you can determine which will be the best to power your rides. Happy adventuring!