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The Brand

PRE-ORDER INFO ($500 Total Savings): Our new Rig Series models come fully equipped with a Back Rack, Front/Back Fenders, Passenger Pegs, and a small design tweak you'll love. Once you pre-order a sales representative will reach out to guide you through your order and keep you up to date. You can also contact us at hello@pedalelectric.com with help placing a hold. Bikes ship 12/15. 


The signature street model is built strong and light with its aluminum-alloy frame. Equipped with a durable and removable 720-watt battery, an LCD display, 5 speed pedal assist feature, mechanical brakes and rear cargo rack. the Echo is a street-legal electric motorbike that does not require a license or registration and reaches 25+ mph. 

Features & Specs: 

•45+ miles of range at highest pedal assist setting

•20-30 miles of range at 20mph under throttle

•18 miles of range at top speed and full load

•Shimano 7 Speed Trigger Shifter Drivetrain

•Mechanical Brakes (Front & Rear)

•Maximum Load Weight: 325lbs

•Seat Capacity: Two Riders

•All Street Tires (20" x 4")

•Aluminum-Alloy Frame

•5 Level Pedal Assist 

Electrical System:

•720-watt hours Samsung Cells Lithium Ion Battery

•48V 1000W Geared Hub Motors

•LCD Display w/ 5 speed level assist

•Use Pedal Assist and / or Throttle

•High Output LED front headlight

    Test Drives

    Want to schedule a test drive and live in LA? Shoot us an email at hello@pedalelectric.com or DM us at @pedal.electric to set up a time.

    Test Drive Location: Venice, CA

    The Brand

    PEDAL Electric was founded under a mission to launch an electric motorbike brand to support the Post Petrol Age! We strive to help reduce consumers carbon footprint by providing an alternative to live the life you love.

    Beyond the sustainable efforts we all seek to accomplish in the electric world, other vertebrae that make the backbone of this brand is style, vision and story. We have an itch for authentic aesthetic and creative expression. Amongst other brands, we have a meticulous devotion to quality of every aspect of our craft, from product to design. 

    In short, our overall objective is to provide our Electric Tribe with the ability to take you to see parts of nature that a car never could and improve our physical and mental health through pure stoke. Our love for our bikes at PEDAL Electric is more than a brand, but an effort to create a conscious community of adventurer enthusiasts and daily commuters!

    “If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward” MLK Jr.