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How does the saying go? “It’s as easy as riding a bike!” Well although it’s pretty much smooth riding once you have the basic grasp of the mechanics and functionality of how to ride an electric bike, there are definitely some things to consider to make sure you’re safe and using your e-bike to its fullest capabilities. (Yeah we mean go fast haha) So in true PEDAL fashion, we broke it down into the what and how of everything you should know before racing at full speed (our favorite). 

Why Ride an Electric Bike?

Perhaps an obvious choice but the electric motor alone will give you more speed than you can get by pedaling on your own with a regular bike. With  electric bikes becoming more and more popular,  people use them for commuting, errands and simply enjoying going down a nice bike path. But for us a huge reason we ride electric is for the planet and for each other, to make sustainable choices for our planet and for our future, together.

Bikes are wonderful!
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Bikes are really wonderful



So how does it work?


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Although how to ride an ebike may seem relatively intuitive, it’s always a good measure to understand how things operate. The entire bike consists of a battery, electric motor, power system and wheels. The battery is charged via pedaling or via throttle. The motor will start to turn the wheels and you’re off! Sure there’s a lot more technical engineering and jargon we could throw at you but we’ll keep it simple for right now! When you stop pedaling on a pedal assisted model it will gradually stop, unless you are riding up a hill...then it’ll immediately stop. Also even after the battery is completely used, you always have the ability to pedal your bike normally with your own muscle power!  


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It’s pretty much the same format if you’ve ridden conventional bikes, handlebars, seat, pedals…easy enough? The top things to consider in how to use and ride an ebike not only depend on how you plan to use it, but what type of ebike you have. With pedal assist models, you have to start pedaling to get the electric motor to kick in. The electric power continues to assist your bike ride and is designed so the power is only activated when you’re pedaling. However, with throttle assist you can turn the throttle to move forward without pedaling. You definitely can still pedal and get some exercise if you’d like, but you don’t have to!

Pedaling on an ebike and regular bike

When to pedal is probably one of the main things to keep in mind when understanding how to ride an electric bike. You always have the option to turn off electric assistance when pedaling, cruise downhill and let gravity do the work! Braking also works the same way, slow down and use the brakes to stop. If you’re in throttle mode, enjoy two hands of the handlebars and take a break from pedaling! Feel free to pedal your electric bike like a regular bike, just keep in mind they weigh twice as much.  Aka it’s gonna be a bit harder, but a good workout! 


All in all, you got this! You’ll be riding smoother and farther in no time. Electric bikes are intuitive and who doesn’t like to go faster? We know we do. Stay safe and ride easy, see you out there!